Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

How To

Turn bunny ears into pig ears! haha, this was something I just randomly did for a coworker last week. She needed pig ears and all they had at the dollar store were bunny ears. My question is....why do they even have bunny ears right now? Weird. Anyway, she asked if I could transform them so I did! This is how I did it.
 Here you have the regular bunny ears. I cut a slit in them and cut down the hard plastic that was inside to about the height of a pig ear.

 Next, I folded the ear down and glued it to the headband.

 I also glued the front of the ear to the back to secure it.

Last, I folded the ear flaps down and glued them. Not perfect pig ears, but good enough for a last minute bunny to pig transformation! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cowtown Indie Bazaar

Come see Fanciful Felt at the Cowtown Indie Bazaar next month! My mom and I will be running my booth and we are so excited!!
Details are over there ---->

Here is a link to the artists who will be at the Bazaar.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Try Harder

Whenever you approach someone with a problem or issue you never want them to make excuses right? Let's get real...everyone hates excuses. All you're really looking for is a simple "I will try harder" or something to that effect. Well, I am approaching myself with a problem - "Kristen, you need to keep up with your blogs better and post things with actual meaning and depth." To this I reply, "OK self, I will try harder."

Deep, meaningful post #1 - sharing the deep, meaningful thoughts of others. LOL

My mom sent me this article recently and I'm so glad she did. It reassures me that my prices are indeed not too high. I'm always beating myself up about it. I feel that I produce a good product with great care and attention to detail. If something is not near perfect I will not list it for sale in my shop. I will keep it for myself or give it away to a friend who loves everything I make no matter what. Ha! ;)

So here it is. You should read it...especially if you are a handmade artist yourself. 

-----Side Note, I LOVE the top she uses as a demo in the article. I would TOTALLY wear that! Maybe one day I'll take up sewing and see if I can whip out a top for myself. One day when I have free time....haha yeah right.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I have had the great opportunity to participate in two giveaways at IZZY B Designs on Facebook. It has generated a lot of fans of my Facebook page and probably some shop traffic as well. =) 

The last giveaway I did was a custom wooden letter. This is what the winner and I came up with together. I love it!
You gotta love a hot pink giraffe!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Teacher Name Plates

I have a new obsession. I LOVE making these name signs. It started with the pencil and I do realize there is no felt on them. Oh well, they are fun! =)

Up next: crayons. =)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mobile for Bailey

I made this mobile last year for my friend Leah's sweet baby girl. It was so fun. =)

I made it to coordinate with this bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.

And these are the wall letters I just painted for her.

Leah wants to hang them from a tree branch, so when she does that I'll post a photo! =)

Monday, June 20, 2011

For My Sister

My sister took the reigns and threw me an amazing baby shower with everything else she has going on in her life. She is Superwoman! She absolutely loves sage green so I made her this wreath as a hostess gift. I love my sister!

Here we are with my little man #1

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hola, Soy Dora!

I made a Dora clip for a friend/customer recently and boy has she been popular! I've made three others since then. She's cute!

I donated some hair clips to a giveaway on facebook recently and in the process got 100 new fans! The giveaway was through IzzyB Designs:

I'm doing another giveaway for IzzyB and I've gotten about 60 new fans in just a few days. I have over 400 fans on facebook now!
I'm trying to get all those new fans to go over to my Etsy store and favorite me there. =) That would rock!

I am so grateful to IzzyB for this opportunity. It has generated some great traffic for my Etsy shop when I need it the most. Baby number two should be here in about one month!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Paisley Splash!

I recently finished these for a high school friend who is due at the exact same time as me! We are only days apart. =) I love how they turned out! They were painted and decorated to match this bedding from JC Penney.

The paisley letters have painted edges as well. Can't see in the photos.
Little felt paisleys. =)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I had to keep these letters a secret for a LONG time! But the mommy-to-be has received them and they are hanging in the nursery! Now the secret's out!

 The letters are hand-painted with a damask print and felt rosettes are handmade and attached to each letter. Gingham ribbon separates the two tones of the letters. Damask grosgrain ribbon is attached to each for hanging.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Noah's Ark

I made this wreath for my friend Hillary who's baby is due a month before mine. =) His room is in a Noah's Ark theme and it's so cute! I just had to make a wreath to match it. 

I think she liked it!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Additions to Our Bedroom

This doesn't have anything to do with Etsy or felt, but I wanted to share! Our room has been a work in progress since we moved in almost two years ago. It takes time! It was the first room we painted and we didn't do much else to it after that. We have five new additions in the past few months that make me very excited.

1. We hung artwork over the bed. 
I revamped these chalk drawings I did in college with some paint and ribbon edges and hung them over the bed. I love how they look!

2. We finally got curtains! 
You gotta love finding the perfect curtains on SALE! Great find. One of these days we will get a curtain rod that isn't so "dinky" as I call it. This is a cheap one I had in my college apartment...and in our first apartment. =)

3. We hung mirrors over the dresser. 
We got these at TJ Maxx a year ago for our spare bathroom (the boys' bathroom) because we were going to tackle it last Spring Break....yeah, it still hasn't been started. haha SO I decided to use them in our room. LOVE it. These mirrors were a great price. I think about $17 a piece. If you need a mirror check there!

4. We put a bench in front of our window. 
We got this bench for our music room, which became the guest room and is finally our second baby's room. It needed a new home because it doesn't fit in there with the baby furniture. I love it in front of our window. It's a great place to tie your shoes. =)

5. We hung up our initials by our bedside tables.
I have wanted to do this for about a year now. At first I wanted these to be HUGE letters, but that would have been really hard to do in my dad's workshop. I drew them out on cardboard and then stenciled them onto plywood. We cut them out with a band saw, sanded them up and I slapped a coat of black paint on them. So fun!

Still to come: 
  • A new white dresser for me. We may just refinish the one I'm currently using or we may get a "new" one. If I got a new one then mine could go in Joseph's room. It's brown like his furniture.
  • New bedside tables for both of us. I'm using one my dad made for me in college. It's great, but it's brown and doesn't have a drawer. Joel is using one from Target that is falling apart. I would LOVE to get mirrored side tables - SO glamorous! or we may find some to paint white. I saw these great ones at Hobby Lobby but we were unable to get them at the time. Now they don't have them. =(
Aren't they great!?!? Sad day. =( I love the storage and I LOVE the look. They would have been perfect. Oh well. It wasn't meant to be I guess.
  • GUT our bathroom - yeah it will be a while. =) It has floral wallpaper and outdated fixtures...and there's carpet. Ugh! It needs to be totally ripped out and redone. We shall see.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's A Boy! for Julie

I made this wreath the other day for a baby shower I went to yesterday. It was for a friend I used to work with. She is going to stay home with her baby too! We are excited because she lives about 5 minutes from me. Play dates! We all know that play dates with infants are just mommy dates. =)

I'm definitely going to make some of these for my shop. They are perfect for hospital doors, front doors or baby's door to announce baby's arrival

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

March is coming! Yay!

I JUST finished and listed this St. Patrick's Day themed wreath. I'm gaga over it! It will be hard to part with it when it sells.