Monday, May 2, 2011

Paisley Splash!

I recently finished these for a high school friend who is due at the exact same time as me! We are only days apart. =) I love how they turned out! They were painted and decorated to match this bedding from JC Penney.

The paisley letters have painted edges as well. Can't see in the photos.
Little felt paisleys. =)


liz_nikki_c said...

All of these letters are so beautiful! what I want to know is, are you looking up designs to give you these ideas, or are you pulling all of it out of your head.

are you like "ok, i'm gonna do green and white stripes on top with pink and white polka dots on the bottom, and a paisley" ???

KristenB said...

I look at the bedding and then I come up with a design based on the colors and theme. =)