Monday, May 24, 2010

New Cross

Saturday we decided to go to Weinberger's Deli in Grapevine. I had never been and Joel knows a girl from high school who works there. Little did we know it was the day of the "Main Street Festival" in Grapevine and the deli is right on Main Street. We had to pay for remote parking and then we had to pay to get in! It was crazy. We decided to just go on in and enjoy ourselves. It was a lot more fun after we finally ate. =) It was delicious! As we walked back through the festival we saw a booth selling crosses and such and just had to have this brown and turquoise one for our house. Here it is adorning our entryway!

I feel like it really completes that spot. It looked bare before, but I didn't want to hang anything that would be hurt by the sun that blasts through the front windows. I just love that bench. My daddy made it. =)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Graham's Sports Name

I just finished these letters for Graham's sports themed room and I like them! The client wanted them quickly so I didn't get a chance to attach the things they will hang by. She is going to attach them when she gets them in the mail. Under each letter I put what I would have strung them by.
Brown leather string - like a baseball glove
Plain grosgrain ribbon - orange (to tie in more orange and make the basketball A not stand out)
Plain grosgrain ribbon - dark red (to match the bedding)
Black or white shoelace - like basketball shoes
Plain grosgrain ribbon - black (just looped around, not a bow)
White plastic lanyard string - like football laces
A whistle (with the whistle on top) - like a referee!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trent's Wall Letters =)

I bought the supplies to do Trent's name ages ago but needed time to decide what I wanted to do with them. I decided on black and white with orange. That will go perfectly with his bedding... Next Project!

I used my houndstooth stencil and marker on the R and the N, and I used a ruler and a marker for the stripes.

I attached a houndstooth ribbon to each striped letter and a striped ribbon to each houndstooth letter. =)

I can't wait to find a spot to hang them!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sneak Peek at Graham's Sports Name

Graham is kind of a long name so I decided to do a few patterns mixed in with his sports. And if he's an Alabama fan it's all good!

I was struggling over how to make houndstooth that actually looks good. I knew a stencil was the only way. made a stencil out of a notecard and went to town!

I am using the same stencil on my son's name. I'll post a sneak peek soon!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Can This Be Real?

It definitely seems too good to be true. Receiving two of these great pieces from Jayson Home & Garden for FREE?! I can't imagine it ever happening to me, but I'm definitely going to try.

Harriet Lamp - $195 Table lamp with white milk glass base

Go to Cocozy blog to enter! Of the three things she is giving away, this is my favorite for sure. They would look amazing in our bedroom. I love milk glass!

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Wreath for Cohen

Back in December I bought this cute pink metal crown in Canton and planned on using it for my friend Lisa's baby girl. Well something was mentally blocking me. I just wasn't sure. I even made the wreath months ago. I don't know what my deal was. I finally went in my art room and just did it, and I think it turned out cute. =) Her room is pink and black and VERY cute. I hope Cohen likes the wreath!

Here is a close up of the cute cute crown! I really wish I had a plasma cutter.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monkey for Liam!

I made this monkey pillow as a gift for my friend Brandy's baby Liam. =) I love that little monkey! And I will love Liam even more.

I stitched a little banana on the back of him. =)

I'm going to miss that little monkey!

I'm thinking I need to make more in various colors: pink, purple, yellow, green, orange, blue....yes!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fire Hydrant for Cody =)

My friend Ashley just had her precious boy, Cody.  His room is decorated in a firefighter theme, which I think is adorable because his daddy is a firefighter! So, of course, I made him a firehydrant pillow for his cute room! It was so much fun and I can't wait to give it to him!!

Lately I have been adding an edge to the pillows I make. I think it helps them keep their shape better and they just look so much nicer. =)