Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trent's Bedding

My husband and I went out to Ikea yesterday to see if we could find some fabric to make our baby boy's bedding out of. Low and behold, they had some GREAT choices.
We picked these three:
I am going to make his bumper out of it and probably some curtains. The leaf/orange fabric will be one side of the bumper, the b/w stripe will be the other, and the green will be the trim. He is going to be the coolest baby in town!
I was reading in my "American Baby" magazine last night that black and white is a good choice for babies because it is stimulating. They are drawn to the contrast. Looks like we made a great choice! Oh and his walls will be light grey. I can't wait to get it all finished.

I have been working on a very fun project, but I can't post pictures for a few weeks because it is a gift. It is CUTE!

I hope you like my new header made of felt. I Love it! I needed to spice things up a little and I wanted people to see what I do right when they come to my blog. =)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a Boy!

Here is our little man, Trent James.
He is singing, naturally. =)
We are so excited to have a little boy! And he is excited to be our little boy.
Can't you see him smiling?
Now it's time to find some bedding and get to planning his room!
We love this crib from Walmart!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Could Baby Wear These?

We should find out today!!!!
Today is the day my husband and I go to the doctor for my 18 week sonogram and GENDER reveal! We can't WAIT to find out who is in here! I even packed a bottle of cranberry juice to get baby moving for the sonogram. This will be the only moment in this child's life when it is encouraged to be unmodest!
Tonight the family comes over for the big reveal. I made two cakes last night: one pink, one blue. Whichever matches the gender of our baby will be iced completely and revealed to the family when my parents and sister cut it open! My sister is thrilled because it is her first time to be an aunt. She's been a mommy for 10 years! =)
Clearly I would be thrilled to have a little girl, but I know I will be thrilled if it's a boy as well! A little version of my husband is fine by me. And then one day he can have a little sister to protect.
A few weeks ago I was feeling girl so I made these felt flowers and heart. I'm going to attach them to alligator clips to put on little stretchy headbands. Maybe more will come soon?! Who knows! I need to make some for my baby cousin Kaylee anyway. =)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Etsy Shop: Lupin - Felt AWESOMENESS

I stumbled across this shop today in my neverending quest to find all ideas felt. I started to look around and new I was in love when I saw this brooch. How cute is this thing?! I would wear it in a heartbeat. That is an avenue I haven't thought of yet....felt brooches. I think I might have to try it out! This shop is very inspirational.

Here are a few other items I liked from the shop:

What I love about this flower is the color combination. I might do a few more stitches in it.

I thought this was a really awesome idea for a mobile. Abstract and colorful! Love it! I may use this as inspiration for our baby's mobile. I definitely want to make my own.

Of course I love this bird brooch. Look at his details! I love birds.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet Valentine Hearts

I made these little hearts to go in my aunt's booth at the Frisco Mercantile (mentioned in the previous post) and never posted a picture. They are just little sweet things you can hang around different places. I put them on corners of picture frames and hung one on a tall lamp I have that has little curly cues. They are all different and they each have a different colored felt for the front and the back. I just love felt. I can't get enough of it.
The pink one with the feathers (below) is my favorite. I love the shape and the feathers!!