Saturday, December 26, 2009

O for Olivia

This is a stuffed letter "O" I made for my baby cousin Olivia back in August. It was a challenge to make something with no corners! It is hand stitched with felt and ribbon.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Deck the Halls

We finally got our Christmas decorations up. We are going minimal this year because I want to get some stuff on sale after Christmas. =) That's when I'll get the garland for the banister. Outside decorations aren't up yet due to wet weather.
My husband really wanted a real tree this year and I am so glad we got one. It is a 6' tree and it was only $40 at Lowe's! I love the way it turned out.

Pardon the bare window. We haven't gotten new blinds to replace all of the shades the previous owners put up, nor have we gotten our curtains up in this room. That is going to take some rigging because it's a bay window.

We walked into JoAnn to get some beads for a project I was working on and my husband spotted this great houndstooth suiting material that was 50% off. We got a yard-and-a-half of the red and black to use as our tree skirt. Love it!

I love the set of light-up gifts I got in Canton this year! They look very sweet in the corner of the room by our bookshelf. They will need a new home next year when we have more bookshelves in this room. Maybe on top of one of the shelves.

Our kitchen table got a little dressing up. The placemat is from Anthropologie, the platter is from Target, the candle bowl is from a garage sale (cha ching!) and the ornaments are from Target's after Christmas sale last year.

Now is a good time to not have kids with these beads on the table. It would drive me crazy if they got messed up.

Rockapella Rocks!

My husband and I got a chance to see one of our favorite singing groups this past Friday. They are Rockapella and they are amazing.

Here is a video of them in 2000 - two of the members are different. One of the tenors and the Bass. Jeff, the vocal percussionist is unbelievable. Yes, he is doing all of that with his voice.