Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Could Baby Wear These?

We should find out today!!!!
Today is the day my husband and I go to the doctor for my 18 week sonogram and GENDER reveal! We can't WAIT to find out who is in here! I even packed a bottle of cranberry juice to get baby moving for the sonogram. This will be the only moment in this child's life when it is encouraged to be unmodest!
Tonight the family comes over for the big reveal. I made two cakes last night: one pink, one blue. Whichever matches the gender of our baby will be iced completely and revealed to the family when my parents and sister cut it open! My sister is thrilled because it is her first time to be an aunt. She's been a mommy for 10 years! =)
Clearly I would be thrilled to have a little girl, but I know I will be thrilled if it's a boy as well! A little version of my husband is fine by me. And then one day he can have a little sister to protect.
A few weeks ago I was feeling girl so I made these felt flowers and heart. I'm going to attach them to alligator clips to put on little stretchy headbands. Maybe more will come soon?! Who knows! I need to make some for my baby cousin Kaylee anyway. =)


annajanine said...

Um, and you need to make some for your friend, Anna's baby Bridget...:) so cute!

KristenB said...

Haha done!