Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hola, Soy Dora!

I made a Dora clip for a friend/customer recently and boy has she been popular! I've made three others since then. She's cute!

I donated some hair clips to a giveaway on facebook recently and in the process got 100 new fans! The giveaway was through IzzyB Designs:

I'm doing another giveaway for IzzyB and I've gotten about 60 new fans in just a few days. I have over 400 fans on facebook now!
I'm trying to get all those new fans to go over to my Etsy store and favorite me there. =) That would rock!

I am so grateful to IzzyB for this opportunity. It has generated some great traffic for my Etsy shop when I need it the most. Baby number two should be here in about one month!


Alicia said...

I read your blogs. Word.

Ms. Nelson said...

Adorable! I read your blog... I love seeing all your creations!

liz_nikki_c said...

That Dora clip is precious! Maybe I'll try my hand at something like that.

KristenB said...

Thanks you guys! =)

Natalie said...

congrats on all your new fans! i'm proud of you! :)

KristenB said...

Thank you Natalie!! =) I'm so excited.