Thursday, September 1, 2011

Try Harder

Whenever you approach someone with a problem or issue you never want them to make excuses right? Let's get real...everyone hates excuses. All you're really looking for is a simple "I will try harder" or something to that effect. Well, I am approaching myself with a problem - "Kristen, you need to keep up with your blogs better and post things with actual meaning and depth." To this I reply, "OK self, I will try harder."

Deep, meaningful post #1 - sharing the deep, meaningful thoughts of others. LOL

My mom sent me this article recently and I'm so glad she did. It reassures me that my prices are indeed not too high. I'm always beating myself up about it. I feel that I produce a good product with great care and attention to detail. If something is not near perfect I will not list it for sale in my shop. I will keep it for myself or give it away to a friend who loves everything I make no matter what. Ha! ;)

So here it is. You should read it...especially if you are a handmade artist yourself. 

-----Side Note, I LOVE the top she uses as a demo in the article. I would TOTALLY wear that! Maybe one day I'll take up sewing and see if I can whip out a top for myself. One day when I have free time....haha yeah right.

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