Thursday, May 14, 2009


The wood for the floors is in! All 42 boxes and nine buckets of heavy stuff...glue, etc. Now we just have to let them acclimate before they are installed. We pulled out one of the boards to look at it and confirmed that we LOVE the color! They are really dark brown, almost black.

Living Room

Front Room (Reading/Piano Room)

We also started painting the dining room asparagus green! We love the way the three colors look together. I can't wait to get the furniture in and the art on the walls!

The stairs will eventually have white risers and tread to match the floors. We will stain the banister darker as well

I need to find some fun fabric to make curtains for the green and orange rooms. I would love to find a sale to save some money. Any suggestions? I live in the Dallas area. Something like these from Anthropologie would be great.


Blair said...

Oh, that green is awesome! So fun and bright...

Miss Aimee said...

go out to ikea! the best fabrics ever and cheap too! totally you.