Friday, May 15, 2009

Art Room Needs

I have decided not to paint my art room in our new house. I am too afraid that a color on the walls will reflect off of my paintings and change the way I see the colors in them. Therefore, I need some fun and colorful accessories to brighten up the room. This chandelier from Chandeliera would be wonderful if I had a corner to put it in, but I'm afraid the room is too small to have a ceiling fan and a chandelier. Sad day.
I'll just get some brightly colored curtains and let my creations add color to the room. My husband said he would make me some customized shelving for my stuffed things and paintings. I'm thinking of getting a plain black rug and splatter painting it with neon colors. I'd like to protect the carpet in a fun way from my clumsiness when I paint. =)

1 comment:

Miss Aimee said...

love that. I agree about color. mine is so cluttered now too. shelves sound dreamy! great to see you two last night.