Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sewing Lesson

My sister and her family moved to Frisco from McKinney recently and you wouldn't believe the difference just a few miles makes. It is so great having them here. I feel like I see them SO much more now! I love it. =) Kelly, my sister, home schools the kids and works in the afternoons so usually they go to Grandma's house to work on their studies and play and once a week they come here. I have kept them every day this week and it has been so much fun. They are very sweet and very helpful. 

My niece, Marissa, learned how to sew recently and she's been sewing doll clothes with Grandma. So the other day Tyler decided he wanted to learn how to sew and he wanted to make a bat. I cut out a pattern real quick and got to teaching him my method of hand stitching. He took to it SO naturally! He even tied the knots close to the fabric perfectly. It was awesome. He is going to be such a well-rounded boy. We made his bat into a pin so he could wear it on his shirt. I decided to make one along with him but turn it into a hair clip to sell in my Etsy shop. Here is a photo of us with our two bats. 

And here they are close-up.
(Tyler's is on the Left and mine is on the Right)

And here is my sweet Tyler showing it off on his cool green shirt!

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