Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paper - GASP!

Long before I started sewing felt I was a lover of paper. I scrapbooked like there was no tomorrow. I loved it. My mom even got addicted to it at one point and so she bought TONS of supplies. That was muy bueno for Kristen. When we moved into our house and I set up  an art room, my mom dumped ALL of the scrapbooking supplies on me....including my sister's stuff. I'm bursting at the seams but I love having so many supplies! It's great. Although, I have yet to finish my book I started of me and my husband....I'll have to do a page here and there so I can get to the baby book too. Baby steps. 

Here is a card I just made for one of our music guys at FBC Frisco. He's pretty awesome.

The name is a stencil. I cut the guitar out of paper and glued it together. Even the little circles at the bottom and the tuning pegs at the top are cut from paper. I decided to draw the strings all crazy like they were cut off because doing straight strings would be too hard. I think it makes it whimsical and fun. =)

This is the log I FINALLY came up with for my cards. I was Mrs. B when I was teaching and some of the kids thought my last name was BEE. =) Very cute. I had bees all over my room. 

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