Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Best V-Day EVER

Last summer my wonderful husband bought two tickets to see our favorite singer, Duncan Sheik, on February 14, 2009 in McKinney. If you are not sure who that is, here is his most popular song.

Not only was it incredibly exciting to be on the 4th row, just a few feet away from our favorite singer, but there was a great surprise in the beginning of the concert. One of my favorite female vocalists was there touring with him. I would have known this if I had done research before the concert, but I didn't. I just knew it would be Duncan Sheik and one of the cast members from his musical, "Spring Awakening." His musical won like 7 Tony Awards, by the way. :) You should check it out.

Anyway, back to the female vocalist whom I adore. Her name is Holly Brook and I randomly discovered her on Myspace 3 years ago. I would go to her Myspace page and listen to the three songs posted on there over and over while I worked in my room. I bought her album and have loved it ever since. Here is the song she performed last night.

During the concert I was praying, "God please let me meet Holly." haha I guess he thought I should because I did get to meet her!!! Joel and I waited around after the show and she came out! She shook my hand and we took a picture together! It was so exciting. My heart was pounding. I have never met anyone famous before. I know she isn't widely known, but to me she is extremely famous.

I highly recommend going to see Duncan Sheik in concert. It was the best concert Joel and I have been to, by far. He is an amazing performer and incredibly nice guy. He had an orchestra comprised of a french horn player, clarinet player and a cellist. They were all incredible and flawless. He also had Holly on harmony, piano and synthesizer; an amazing guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer. Duncan played about 7 different guitars throughout the show, and he tuned each one when he picked it up. It was so great to see ACTUAL musicians perform after what we witnessed with the Grammy Awards...yikes.

We look forward to Duncan's next musical, "Whisper House" about a little boy who goes to stay in his aunt's haunted lighthouse.

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