Monday, April 23, 2012

The Washing Machine is Your Friend

Somehow I developed this fear of putting things in the washing machine. If it's not sturdy clothing, you can't wash it in there!! If it says "spot clean only," you CAN'T wash it in there!!!!!!! Well, I have come to realize that this is a lie. It all started about a year ago with T's teddy bear, pancakes. He desperately needed a bath after being chewed and slobbered on. My first thought is, hand-wash....ugh. That can be way more difficult than it sounds. So, I decided to just go for it. Pancakes was taking a ride in the spinny bath. It was either that or he didn't get to play with T anymore. I figured I'd take my chances.

And what do you know?! He came out just fine. He actually looked brand new afterward! Why fret so much about a silly bear you ask? Well, my sister gave him this bear and her husband named him the perfect name of Pancakes. And T just loves him so much. He still sleeps with him every night and laughs when Pancakes dive-bombs him at bed time. =) Even mom got a little much so that I ordered his brother Flapjack off Ebay for baby brother J!

He's a they're step-brothers, ok? And I even got a little pink bunny for their future sister...haha I'm not pregnant! But I just had to snatch her up. Check these guys out on Ebay...they are going for a pretty penny! They're from Pottery Barn, btw.

So Joseph's bag got carrot-stained from a jar of carrots that broke inside of it. I was back at square 1, not trusting the washing machine. I soaked it in a bucket with soap and oxi-clean....awful. It had dyes running down it and soap crusted all over it. I decided enough was enough, this thing is going in the washing machine. I threw in two vinyl bibs of T's and they all came out looking brand-new! I love you, washing machine!!

Longest post ever.

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