Saturday, November 28, 2009

LOVE This Wrapping!

Ok, so last year after Christmas I found this awesome red and cream houndstooth wrapping paper at Hallmark. Of course, as a houndstooth lover, I had to buy it. I was a little aprehensive because it was adhesive wrap and I've never used it before. I recently got it out to wrap a gift for my cousin's baby shower. Turns out, the adhesive wrap makes for a perfectly wrapped gift! It really helps when folding in the sides that never turn out flat with regular paper. The adhesive is just like a post it note. Love it. My cousin is having a boy so I paired it with a fun swirly, colorful paper. Luckily I had two boxes to wrap so I could present this awesomely wrapped gift. I love how it turned out. I love adding grosgrain ribbon to a package. It's so nice. =)
So the day of this shower, I woke up coughing at 5:00. It turns out I was developing bronchitis. So I woke up with all these ideas running through my head about a wreath to make for my cousin. At that point, sleep was not going to happen so I got up and got to work. Here is the wreath I made for my newest little cousin Tate who will be here on December 4th!!

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