Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pumpkins and Vampires and Ghosts, Oh My!

Being a fan of Twilight and the Sookie Stackhouse books, I had to make some little vampires this summer. To be perfectly honest, I saw a how-to article that was extremely un-impressive and decided that I could and would make much cuter vampires. Does that ever happen to you? Sometimes I just see things published that look like a child made them. It irks me.
Well, here they are!
These are my three little vamps. The lady in pink is unnamed, and then there's Bill the Vampire and Alice.
They are the perfect size dollies for my mom's fashion dolls. Each one has a pipe-cleaner skeleton so they can bend easily and sit with their friends.

This is a wreath I made today. I'm ready for October!
I took a styrofoam wreath (from a dollar store), wrapped it in thick, black yarn (hot gluing only on the back as I went. You don't want those stringy things and clumps of rogue glue to be seen.) and then wrapped it in the purple eyelash yarn every inch or so (again only gluing on the back). I made the pumpkins and ghost out of felt, blanket stitched them and put green grosgrain ribbon as stems for the pumpkins. After everything was stitched and stuffed I hot-glued them onto the wreath. The "Boo" is made of vintage anagram tiles I found on Etsy. Yay!


Dawn said...

Great job. I love them all. We need to make Turkey Day wreaths!

Shari Lidji said...

i really connect with your sense of color. i think it's great that you make don't just talk about it.