Friday, July 10, 2009


It has been way too long since updated this silly blog! It has been driving me crazy. =) We have been hard at work on the house finishing a few things at a time. The dining room is the closest to being complete. It lacks an orange shag rug and some wall decor. We still have nothing hanging on our walls because we want to make sure we put things in the right place.
This is our orange front room that my husband likes to call the parlor. Since I took this photo we have added an organ to the left of the bookshelf. One of my husband's childhood friends gave it to us. We still need some chairs for the right side of the room to make it a true parlor. =)

I am very excited about what we did in the dining room. We had painted two of the walls asparagus green and couldn't decide what to do with this front window wall because it connected all the way up to the second story. There was just no good place to draw a straight line of paint. I had an idea of something I could do to blend the two walls, but I wasn't sure if I was brave enough to try it. We do not have the beige paint the previous owners used to paint the entire house. There is no room for error.Well, I decided I was brave. Here is the wall with my chalk sketch of how to blend the two walls.And here is the completed room with the curtains, table and chairs. You may remember this room from my previous post. I just love the way it turned out and I'm so happy I was brave enough to try it! Our dining table has black legs and we love the way it looks with the traditional brown chairs my mom gave us. I can't wait to get a rug!

Bookshelf-Ikea, Curtains-Pier One, Curtain Rod-Lowes

Coming Soon:

Breakfast Table Light
Completed Powder Bath
And some non-house projects I've been working on!

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Miss A said...

YES! when??? lets have a knitting party. my house bc of kids? is that ok? So we go out of town but after I am back . email me some dates! lets make it happen!!!! I am SO excited.