Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Taleted Mom

My mother is so talented!

I love spending time with her in her sewing room while we are both creating things. It is so much fun. Several years ago when I was in junior high or high school (I can't remember) my mom gained a new appreciation for the dolls she loved growing up in the 50s.

She still had one Dollikin that she had taken incredible care of. This is her Dollikin and baby from childhood.

That is where the collecting started. Collecting turned into sewing her own fashions for the dolls. I even helped her make little pumps for them. It was so fun.

She eventually discovered ball-jointed dolls and fell in love with their beauty and ability to model her fashions. :)

She now makes the most unique and beautiful clothes for her collection of ball-jointed dolls. She develops her own patterns and has also developed a style all her own. She makes mo hair wigs, hats, dresses, leggings, jewelry. It is amazing to see what she can do.

She recently sent me pictures of an outfit she made, complete with a handmade straw hat. She not only decorated the hat to match the outfit, but she actually made the hat itself. I was so thrilled and impressed by it, I just had to show her off on my blog. I will be doing more of that in the future! I am so proud of my mom.

Here is the hat and dress she made:

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