Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wise Old Owls

I have a recent fascination with owls. It all started when I found an adorable brown and ivory owl-printed apron with lime green accents at Anthropologie. I fell in love with it immediately.

That was about the same time I began loving Anthropologie. I registered for the apron and several other things that were perfectly unique. It turned out that Anthropologie wasn't a popular stop for our wedding guests, so I didn't get much on my list. I did, however, get the owl apron from a very good friend. Soon after I received the apron, my sister gave me a very cute olive green ceramic owl from Pier One. He is very sweet and sits perched in my dining room.

After living with this olive green owl for several months I took up the hobby of making stuffed animals. my sweet olive green owl inspired one of my first stuffed animals: Owliver. A very cute children's book inspired his name. :)

My next owl project will be a stuffed version of one of the little guys in that apron. They are too adorable not to create in stuffed form! I may even make them into a baby mobile.

What is the reason for my owl obsession? Perhaps it is the fact that they represent wisdom, which I often feel is being drained from today's youth. So many young kids are being raised in a lazy lifestyle. Parents don't want to put forth the effort to teach their children something or entertain their "burdens," so they end up ignoring them or sticking a video game in their hands. I just think too many parents do not give their children enough responsibility. Nor do they hold them responsible for things.

My husband and I watched a very small example of this type of parenting unfurl before our eyes last night at the mall. A little girl dropped a piece of plastic (trash) on the ground. She looked up at her dad with an expression of "what is he going to say? Is he going to make me pick it up?" on her face. The dad simply looked away and kept walking. This may seem like nothing to you, but it seems to me that these "small" things usually transfer to larger things and scenarios.

Or maybe I just like them because of Mr. Owl from the old tootsie pop commercials.

Hedwig from Harry Potter?

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Miss Aimee said...

love the owls. the apron is TOO cute too! Leave it up to ANTHRO. Love that store! BTW, we love the painting.